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It can be difficult to get started with model railways. If you are a beginner it can be overwhelming and not obvious where to start, or where to turn to for help. I have wasted countless hours trawling through forums reading tips and advice from many people across numerous websites to build up my own knowledge, but it's not been easy. That's why I created this website, to gather everything I have learnt into a single place to help other beginners learn the world of model railways.

This website aims to cover the basics to help you build the perfect model railway and avoid many of the costly mistakes beginners can make when starting out.

My name is James and I'm relatively new to the world of model railways. It's never been something I've been exposed to in my life and I regret not finding my passion for it earlier. I also come from a rural place with no nearby railways so trains never really featured in my life.

My road to model railways began with the birth of my son who quickly became obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. When I say obsessed I mean completely 100% devoted to all things Thomas. So naturally we started to amass a good collection of Thomas toys, which included some battery operated engines and track. My son seems to prefer the non-battery operated trains so while he was busy pushing his trains around, I started playing around with the battery operated trains, creating different track layouts and adding more and more engines.

My sons obession soon spread from Thomas cartoon to watching real steam trains online, and from there on to people posting videos of their model railway collections. I started researching into it and found that, although there was some good infromation out there, there wasn't a good central website where I could get all the information I needed in an easy to understand format. That's why I created this website, to relay some of the things I've learnt. Hopefully you will find some of this helpful, and I hope to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch.

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